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Chimney Removal

Removing an internal wall in your home can completely transform your home and improve your day to day life. Open plan living has become increasingly popular in recent years and removing just a single wall can make your home more spacious and bright.

Removing an internal wall usually only takes 2 -3 days from start to finish but adds value in your home for years to come.


All works are carried out by professionals with extensive experience and work is certified by an engineer on completion.

Prices start from as little as €3000 for a load bearing wall removal package including protective covering, steel installation, material removal, plastering, and clean-up


At IBIS Construction we also provide a chimney removal service. Chimney removal can be required for various reasons such as increasing more space in the home, leaks at roof level, damp issues, heat loss and structural concerns. Every chimney removal project is different  due to design, chimney height, location and accessibility. Please contact us for more info and advice

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